London’s co-working spaces going eco friendly!

We provide quality, affordable eco cleaning services that are kind to your co-working space and the environment.

We specialise in providing caring, cost-effective, high quality cleaning services to co-working spaces and the commercial sector, limiting the impact on the environment by only ever using environmentally friendly products.

Our staff retention rates are high due to the fact that we pay above the minimum wage, ensuring that we retain good quality staff, and our carbon footprint is low as we always try to use public transport when carrying out our business.

Environmentally friendly chemical or non-chemical methods


Many of the organisations worry that switching to environmentally friendly chemical or non-chemical methods of cleaning will reduce the quality of hygiene.

We can demonstrate that there are simple, inexpensive and effective materials and ways to sustain a hygienic and sparkly clean office, without costing the planet.

Eco friendly tips for co-working spaces

  1. Replace regular light bulbs with new compact fluorescent bulbs
  2. Turn off computers at night
  3. Skip rinsing dishes before using your dishwasher
  4. Recycle glass
  5. Go vegetarian once a week

Some of our co-working space customers




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