Retail Cleaning

The Green Elf will work with you to ensure that your customers receive a fantastic experience when using your premises as quality control is at the heart of what we do.

Cinema/Retail/shopping centres

Whatever we are cleaning we understand that your premises cover front of house, walkways, food outlets, toilets, hot food counters. Our services are based around your specific needs and your needs will change throughout the day depending on your busiest times, school holidays the list is endless. This is why The Green Elf works with you to ensure that you receive the right cleaning spec for each area needing to be cleaned.

Your premises are a reflection of you and your products and services. We work with you to ensure that the cleanliness and a safety of your staff and customers are paramount. The Green Elf will ensure that we get to know you the client and the needs of your customers to ensure that we deliver a cost effective, caring service.!

Please call our customer service team to discuss further.!!!!!!!