Top creative co-working spaces for freelancers in London


Newsletter April 2016

If you’re a freelancer in London and are sick of working from home but can’t afford the leap to renting an office – then co-working could just be the answer.

These co-working spaces across the capital offer a creative place for you to work, meet clients and collaborate, while some offer additional services to help you grow into something special. We recommend the following:

The Green Elf Eco Cleaning Company

We provide quality, affordable eco cleaning services that are kind to your co-working space and the environment.

We specialise in providing caring, cost-effective, high quality cleaning services to co-working spaces and the commercial sector, limiting the impact on the environment by only ever using environmentally friendly products.

Our staff retention rates are high due to the fact that we pay above the minimum wage, ensuring that we retain good quality staff, and our carbon footprint is low as we always try to use public transport when carrying out our business.


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